WinMoSquare: New Features

WinMoSquare (2010.08.22.01)

Fixed issue with flag venue

WinMoSquare (2010.08.21.01)

Added leaderboard
Added in-app maps
Added specials
Added mayor icon to friend's list
Added mayor informaiton to venue details
Updated app icon
Added in-app friend request
Added user history
Added support for both male and female default user icons
Lists can now return more than 50 items
Added specials here icon to venue list and detail screens
Added distance to venue in venue list
Added score panel
Added the ability to edit a venue
Added the ability to flag a venue as mislocated
Added the ability to flag a venue as duplicate
Added the ability to flag a venue as closed
Added support for venue tips
Added support for viewing user photo full size
Added ability to follow Touchality on Twitter
Added ability to friend Touchality on foursquare
Added in-app change log
Added venue category icons
Added user agent header to all web requests
Added in-app registration link