Services - Mobile App Development

Our goal is to be the best in the world at creating Windows Phone applications. Our company is made up of the world's best developers in their field including Windows Phone and Silverlight MVP’s. Our developers have extensive backgrounds in mobile technologies, across a wide range of platforms, over a long period of time.

Most companies have developers who have certifications, we have developers who work with Microsoft to select the topics and create the questions for the official certification exams.

Marketplace Search is one of the top apps for Windows Phone 7. It has been in the top 50 apps for several months in a row. It has been downloaded well over 70,000 times. It has been run well over 300,000 times. It is used over 10,000 times a day to search for apps.

We created the WP7 foursquare application that Microsoft showcased during the MIX10 WP7 launch keynote. (application created in less than one month from start to finish). WP7 foursquare application was the only application that was fully functional for attendees to be able to see and use at Microsoft Windows Phone 7 booths at MIX10. WP7 foursquare was featured on TechCrunch home page on 2010.03.15. WP7 foursquare was featured again on TechCrunch home page on 2010.03.25.

  • We have an extensive background in mobility.
  • We have an extensive background in location-based technologies.
  • We have an extensive background in social networking technologies and concepts.
  • We created the Windows Phone 7 Insider application for Microsoft.
  • We created the My Life Details application for Microsoft.