We’ve had tons of people contact us about purchasing our Metro theme we use on our blog, and guess what?

That’s right. We have decided to take Touchality Metro Blog theme and make it available to the world as The Metro Blog Theme.

Feel free to check out the video we put together to help show of the theme.

And we created a product blog site as well:


The theme is available in 8 colors:

  • dark blue
  • dark green
  • dark orange
  • dark red
  • light blue
  • light green
  • light orange
  • light red
The Metro Blog Theme

The Metro Blog Theme

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If Andy Warhol, is right and everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame in the future, then we still have 14 minutes 59 seconds and some change left on ours.

That being said, it was quite the honor to be contacted by Microsoft about having our app Marketplace Search to be “featured” in one of their WP7 commercials.

If you look closely you can see our app’s icon in the bottom right of the third phone.

The icon is show around 24 seconds into the video.

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Touchality’s Help Find Me application selected as winner in the Windows Phone 7 State and local government contest.

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Red carpet

Hope you like our new blog. We are really proud of the Metro design we have created for it.

Ours plans are to begin sharing more with the community what we are doing as a company.

We think you’ll want to come back often to hear about all that we have going on.

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